We provide precise BIM modeling services along with 3D BIM Modeling services and 3D Scan to BIM as per the client’s standards and their requirements.

Currently we are supporting Architects, Engineers, Real estate agencies, Interior designers, and Contractors in BIM Implementation process by offering precise solutions for BIM Modeling servicesand 3D BIM Modeling services along with 3D Scan to BIM. SP Associates real estate organization in overcoming the challenges of delivering BIM projects with tight schedules, and limited workforce. We help them to plan project execution better with 4D and 5D Visualization.

Architectural BIM Modeling Services

– S+ Offer most competitive and accurate in time delivery of an architectural BIM model for all level of details.

Structural BIM Modeling

– S+ Offer most competitive and accurate in time delivery of Structural BIM model for all level of details.

MEPF BIM modeling

– S+ Offer most competitive and accurate in time delivery of MEPF BIM model for all level of details.

4D Simulation

– With having project schedule, we assist our customer to simulate model with project schedule and submit a synchronized video simulation of model along with project schedule.
Simulation also inform developer a clear graphical difference between planned and actual project execution status.

5D Simulation (Cost Estimation)

– An extra dimension of Cost attached to model along with project execution timeline gives an awfully specific data to client graphically so that they can understand actual condition and plan accordingly.

Revit family and Content Creation

– S+ Offers family creation for all disciplines, we have many satisfied manufacturers to whom we gave our services.

IFC and Shop Drawing extraction Services.

– After Completion of clash free and completely coordinated BIM, We offer our services to extract Shop drawings as per the clients standard and specifications.

BIM Model Auditing

– S+ Helps business with BIM model auditing service with utilized detailed checklists, Based on the needs and demands of each client and building types.

Clash Detection

– We detect and resolve BIM and Revit clashes in the project which includes 2D and 3D Clashes, with Inter disciplines and Intra disciplines..

Quantity Take-Off

– Based on the requirements and needs we provide quantity extraction which reveals the real cost of the construction site, this helps clear number about any building right at any stage.

BIM Standardization

– We offer our services to many consultants to improve them BIM standards and prepare BIM Execution plan, BIM Modeling services along with desired family and Standards.

Facility Management

– This includes as built model population along with an actual data for various types of buildings. We offer this service to Highrise buildings and many factory units to maintain log of maintenance and manage the building.